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THRIVE - Supported Employment Program

Anyone who is wanting to work is welcome to participate in this program; regardless of your mental illness and other barriers such as criminal record and substance abuse, as long as you are willing to get treatment.
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Work is treatment. Find a job based on what you want to do.

THRIVE (Transformative Help in Reintegrating individuals through Vocational Employment) will assist in obtaining and maintaining a meaningful and competitive job in the community you love that supports your financial needs through resources including building qualifications, the IPS model, and our partnerships with local businesses.

What does that look like? Your Employment Specialist will assist you to obtain a job in the open labor market that pays at least minimum wage and that anyone could hold, regardless of their disability status. You will be supported and guided throughout the entire process and we will continue to provide support through your employment for as long as you want or need it. We also provide you with vocational counseling to help you problem solve any job difficulties you may have and assist you through job loss, conflict, and more.

Job searches are focused on you! And your own employment goals which means we also provide assistance to build any qualifications you might need for your dream job including degrees, skills, and licenses.

IPS Model
Our team uses the IPS model (Individual Placement and Support) which is an evidence-based supported employment practice. People who participate in Supported Employment Services are 2.5 times more likely to get hired and continue working than those who do not.

Person to Person
We build partnerships with local businesses! We get to know employers and advocate for you, providing more personalized and in-depth assistance to find a job placement based on your strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences.