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PREP - Prevention and Recovery from Early Psychosis

PREP team services are accessible to individuals between the ages of 16-26 who have been deemed clinically high-risk or are already experiencing initial symptoms of psychosis , regardless of insurance or funding.
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Providing early intervention for youth 16–26 at risk or experiencing psychosis

The PREP Team (Prevention and Recovery from Early Psychosis) is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals whose aim is early intervention. Our specialty care treatment model provides support services for individuals who are determined to be high-risk for, or have already experienced their first episode of psychosis.

PREP provides services including case management, psychiatric medication, psychotherapy, family education and support, and vocational support. Individuals between the ages of 16 to 26 who have been deemed clinically high-risk or are already experiencing initial symptoms of psychosis are eligible regardless of insurance or funding.

Case Management
Person-centered care, assisted by a care manager who helps clients and family members to navigate treatment options.

Psychiatric Medication
Participant and prescriber meets with participant regularly to determine appropriate medication, if needed.

Licensed clinicians utilize evidenced-based practices to provide individual therapy to participants. Therapists on the PREP team are training to utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as an effective intervention for symptoms of psychosis.

Family Education and Support
Family psycho-education so that consumers choose the support people they want involved in their recovery, and families/supports get information that helps them play an active role in the recovery process. Support for participants and their loved ones includes access to a peer support specialist

Vocational Support
Fostering autonomy and setting educational and/or employment goals based on individual preference (i.e. Returning to school or work, developing new interests, meeting new people, and making new friends).