Helping Utah's most vulnerable

Young Women's Transition Home

VOA’s Young Women’s Transition Home provides one of the critical first steps to self-sufficiency – safe shelter. It also provides the safety net and support that leads to education, employment, and critical life skills thatyoung women struggling with homelessness need to reach their full potential.  The program fills a critical gap in our society today, by giving these young ladies the encouragement, love, respect and expectations they so desperately need.

This residential program is 18-months long and requires the girls to log 40 hours of productive work each week. This could be by going to school, work, counseling, or a volunteer position. Through case management, goal setting and groups and classes that teach critical life skills, young women ages 16-19 receive guidance and structure to help them finish their education and transition from instability and homelessness to reunification with family and self-sufficiency.

Please call to learn more about referrals or placement in our Young Women’s Transitional Home. 

Our Young Women's Transition Home helps young women beat the odds.
For inquiries please contact program manager Summer Elton
Phone: 801-359-5545