Helping Utah's most vulnerable

Young Men's Transition Home

The goal of the Young Men’s’ Transition Home is to provide a supportive path from the street to self-sufficiency, so young men experiencing homelessness don’t become homeless adults. The home serves young men ages 18 through 24 who are struggling with homelessness--often because they have been turned away from their families or have aged out of foster care.

This residential program provides the safety net and support these young men need to reach their full potential. It fills a critical gap in our society today by providing the encouragement, love, respect and expectations these homeless young men need to succeed. By helping them finish their education, find employment and develop critical life skills, we put them on the path to self-sufficiency.

The Young Men’s Transition Home opens a doorway to hope. Young men are expected to log 40 hours of productive work each week, help run the home, and learn daily living skills that enable them take care of themselves and become self-sufficient adults.

Please call to learn more about referrals or placement in our Young Men’s Transitional Home.

For inquiries please contact Roger Condie, Program Manager
Phone: 801-433-1713