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Volunteer Opportunities

Steps to Volunteering

1) Look at all of the positions open for volunteer work then select one that you are interested in.

2) Send an email with your contact information and volunteer application to the corresponding contact person for the position.You will then be contacted about attending a tour of the program and meeting with the onsite coordinator. The purpose of this visit is to determine if the opportunity is a good fit for you and the program.

3) Once the tour is complete, you will contact our Volunteer Program Manager at, and schedule your one hour volunteer orientation. All volunteers who wish to work directly with our clients must complete a background check prior to direct client work as well.

4) Start volunteering!

Thank you again for your interest in volunteering with us!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send an email to

Become A Difference Maker

  • Homeless Youth Resource Center

    Volunteers can make a difference in the lives of homeless youths each day. Consider volunteering today and see how you can make a positive impact in our community.

    How you can help
  • Other Programs and Opportunities

    Experience the joy of serving others by volunteering at our many programs. Each volunteer opportunity helps our staff continue to provide services and continue our mission of helping those in greatest need.

    How you can help
For general volunteer questions please contact us below at:
Phone: 801-875-4589