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Volunteer at Adult Detox Center

Volunteer at Adult Detox Center

Level 1:  Help staff with daily tasks around the center, including: making beds, filling clothing orders, help with desk hours, help with laundry and cleaning, fill out group forms.  This level will also spend a lot of time observing staff answering phones, interacting with clients, doing happy chats and headcounts, etc.  You can also be a group leader.

Level 2:  Answer phones, help serve dinner, check clients in and out, check off chores, do happy chats, interact with clients. 

Level 3 and Interns:  Act as an assistant staff member. 

Our level system is designed to ensure each volunteer is comfortable in their role.  As you gain experience you will meet with the onsite coordinator to discuss additional volunteer responsibilities.  All volunteers at our Adult Detox Center must be 21 or older, or have supervision.

Adult Detox Center – Please contact Nicki Spohn if you are interested in volunteering at our Adult Detox Center. or (801) 363-9400. 


volunteer-detox-320x177.jpg Our volunteers 'Never Give Up' on serving those in greatest need.