• Transition Home Offers Support for Homeless Youth

    Our Young Women's Transition Home helps young women beat the odds.

  • Chris' Story

    A battle with drugs and alcohol lead Chris to VOA's Adult Detox Center. See his story and how his life has changed since coming to the detox center.

  • Jason's Story

    Jason was injured in a skiing accident and was prescribed pain medication for his back injury. He developed an addiction to the medication, which escalated further to a heroin addiction. Jason turned to Volunteers of America for help.

  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Nominee

    Volunteers of America, Utah's, President & CEO, Kathy Bray, talks about her vision for the agency and shares her personal story of how she got involved in social work, and the joy that it brings.

  • Alan's Story

    Learn more about Alan and his road to recovery with the help of VOA's Adult Detox Center.

  • VOA Never Give Up

    At Volunteers of America, Utah we never give up! And we hope you won't give up on us. Enjoy this short music video made by staff, clients and volunteers, and remember to support us on March 20th for LoveUTGiveUT Day!

  • Lisa & Trisha

    Take a look as Lisa and Trisha share their struggles of homelessness and abuse. And how they overcame their hardships through the help and services provided by Volunteers of America, Utah.

  • Cold Snap Threatens Homeless Youth in Utah

    Mike Anderson with KSL rides along with Volunteers of America Homeless Youth Homeless Outreach Team to check on youth living on the streets in Salt Lake City

  • Change One. Change Many.

    Our mission is to help those in greatest need. This video is inspired by the work of staff, volunteers, board members, donors and the community that we all share.

  • This Is Why We Do What We Do

    A look into the lives of two individuals as they navigate through recovery from homelessness to transitional living.