VOA Impact

December 2014

Check Out Our Face Lift

Volunteers of America, Utah has launched a new website. It is a responsive site that automatically configures to the device you are utilizing. The website is packed with new content about many of the key programs we offer. You can check it out at www.voaut.org. You can also learn more about the many ways you can assist in helping the most vulnerable individuals in our community.  We provide for those who struggle with addiction, mental illness and homelessness.  

We would love hear what you think about the new site. Take a look and let us know at info@voaut.org

Volunteer Spotlight:  Creating Music with Homeless Youth

Every Friday, Jared Ripplinger and his friends from the University of Utah teach a music group at the Homeless Youth Resource Center.  Youth can come to the center for a jam session, playing instruments donated by members of our community.  Because of this dedication, VOA selected Jared to receive this year's Heart and Hands Award at Utah's Philanthropy Day luncheon! Jared is an outstanding volunteer who has done so much for our Homeless Youth Resource Center. Thank you Jared for making a difference in the lives of our youth! 

Client Story:  Felype Finds a Doorway to Hope

Felype found himself in and out of homelessness since he was 17 years old.  He had been couch surfing, roaming the streets and "living on the kindness of friends" ever since he could remember. In the jobs he could get, he just didn’t make enough money to cover the cost of rent and food.  But since moving into the Young Men’s Transition Home, he has maintained a steady job and is saving money to pay for his own apartment.  He is also interested in going back to school. Read more about Felype’s story in the Salt Lake Tribune HERE.    


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