VOA Prevention Services

Improving lives of students throughout Salt Lake County by helping students and families build positive social skills to improve decision making and family interactions.

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    All Stars

    Through middle school and junior high, kids can struggle to fit in as they try to define their identity and gain social status. All Stars is a classroom program that builds on these desires by helping youth create social norms and standards that reject risky behaviors in favor of a brighter future. Offered over 10 to 14 sessions in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade classrooms, students learn decision-making skills, how to create healthy habits, and how to resist peer pressure.

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    LifeSkills Training (LST)

    One of the most proven and celebrated evidence-based prevention programs, LST provides kids with the confidence and skills necessary to handle challenging situations. Offered in sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grade classrooms, students will learn peer-resistance skills, self-management skills, and general social skills that promote individual confidence and competence.

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    For students, between ages 12 and 17, these years are a time of change and growth. The Voices program helps these adolescents build essential life skills and positive peer connections during this pivotal time. Topics covered include: self concept, effective communication, voicing feelings, decoding media messages, and building healthy relationships. The program is offered over 10 to 15 sessions in small, gender-specific groups in after-school programs or as a pull-out program during the school day.

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    Living Skills

    Living Skills is cited as one of the 20 “most effective programs” by the U.S. Department of Education. Selected students in second through fifth grades are invited to attend a small, weekly skills group that teaches youth how to express feelings appropriately and get along better with others. The program covers topics like: self concept, differences, cooperation, expressing feelings, and managing difficult feelings. Living Skills is provided in after-school programs, at community sites, or as a pull-out program during the school day.

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    Families Plus

    Families Plus is a two-component program that serves both kids and families through after school programs. Families Plus is a social and cognitive skills curriculum provided in a small group setting to selected students in first through fifth grades. It focuses on building decision-making skills and positive social relationships. Selected families are also provided with 10 sessions of in-home family support and parent training through the Strong Families component.

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    Insight is an eight-hour program offered through the Salt Lake City School District at Volunteers of America, Utah for students and their families. Referrals come from the Peer Court and school administration and students are divided into one of three classes. Students with a previous alcohol/drug offense participate in a Prime for Life course, while students involved in negative peer activities participate in an anger management class based on VOA’s Voices program. Younger students participate in an adaptation of the LST program. Classes are offered during the school year in four-week sessions on Tuesday nights.

Collaborative Multi-Family Prevention Program (CMFPP)

CMFPP is a community-based family prevention program provided in partnership with Project Reality and Midvale Community Building Communities (CBC). Taught in Spanish, this three-component program is aimed at improving communication between family members. The youth component is based on VOA's Voices program and the parent component comes from Project Reality's Communities Empowering Parents program. The third component, delivered by Midvale CBC, engages both children and their parents. CMFPP is designed to strengthen family management skills and family bonding while providing a network of support in the community.

For more information contact Prevention Services Program Manager, Alexa Wrench, CHES
Phone: 801-364-0744 ext. 122