VOA Utah's behavioral health services get a financial boost from the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation


Utah’s nation-leading population growth has increased the need for essential human services, particularly for vulnerable people experiencing mental health issues, substance use disorders, and homelessness. To keep pace with demand, Volunteers of America, Utah (VOA Utah) has introduced a new Therapist Runway Initiative—an innovative endeavor to expand our behavioral health and detoxification services.

Therapists in the nonprofit sector face unique challenges, including high burnout rates and relatively lower compensation compared to private practice. VOA Utah’s proactive initiative intends to attract and retain talented therapists by offering improved working conditions and enhanced financial incentives.

Thanks to a generous contribution of $210,000 from the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation—a crucial advocate for addressing homelessness in Utah—the initiative has become a reality. Gail Miller, Miller Foundation chair, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity. “We trust these funds will increase access to mental health services for underserved Utahns,” Miller said.

Kathy Bray, President and CEO of VOA Utah, believes the Miller Family Foundation’s generous donation will have a lasting impact. She anticipates that the initiative will meet more people’s needs now and also become financially self-sustaining in the long run. “This donation will help VOA Utah continue expanding lifesaving and life-changing services to Utah’s most vulnerable into the future,” Bray said.

Stay tuned for an announcement on a landmark effort from VOA Utah that will further change the scope of addiction and behavioral health services in our community. Thank you to the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation and our other community supporters of VOA Utah for stepping up to address these growing issues.