Drop In-Center Group Schedule

Monday - Art Group, 12pm
Tuesday - Dan's Group - 11am (time to talk about anything - recovery, addiction, abuse, etc)
Wednesday - Brian's group - 11:30am (marine talks about skills, helps youth with whatever!)
Thursday - Zine - 11:30 (writing group run by Community Writing Center at Main library)
                    Horizonte - 1:30 (get your GED, high school diploma, or get tutoring)
Friday - Yoga group - 11am 
                Music group - 12pm (run by Bennion Center at the U of U)
                Every other Friday is Homeless court, leaving the center at 12:30pm
                Every other Friday we also have book club, its run by the Main library, and it's at 10:30am. the next book club is on the 14th.