Host a Donation Drive

Steps to run your donation drive

  1. Choose the type of donation drive you'd like to run -- see options below. 
  2. Contact Alysha at and notify us of the drive.
  3. Contact your family, friends, or local community members to begin collecting items.
  4. Once you have gathered all your donations, sign up for a drop-off time, and then show up to drop your items off during your time slot.


Can WE collect and donate used or worn items?

  • While we appreciate the consideration, we cannot accept ALL donations. Items may be gently used. We cannot accept items with wear and tear, such as holes, stains, rips, or faulty zippers. 
  • All underwear donations must be new and unworn.
  • Please check this page for general, seasonal, and urgent needs. Our goal is to receive the most needed items for our clients, considering the time of year and needs we have. 

Do you accept baby or kid’s items?

Questions or need help organizing your drive?
Phone: Email Us

Donation Drive Options

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    General Donation Drive

    The classic community gathered resources drive! We suggest you choose a central hub to collect donations, have monetary donation options, spread the word, and ask companies to partner with you. Remember to schedule a drop-off time for your contributions when you are ready.

  • Alpine_20Stake_20Donation-11.jpg

    Move-Out Kit

    Donate and prepare essential items for the most vulnerable Utahns. We will give you a list of essential needs specifically for clients moving into housing. You purchase items and assemble each kit, then sign up for a drop-off time. Please contact us if a Move-Out Kit sounds like the right fit. Email

  • Pentalon_20Backpack_20Packing-05.jpg

    Pack Event

    Donate and pack essential items for the most vulnerable Utahns. We will give you a list of essential needs, your company or group will provide us with the money to purchase the items, and then we organize an event for you to pack backpacks. Please contact us if a pack event is the right fit for your group. Email

Tips for running a successful donation drive

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    1. Spread the word via social media

    Social media is a free and easy way to share your cause. Be sure to tag us (@voaut) so we can share your posts.

    Visit our profile
  • Alpine_20Stake_20Donation-14.jpg

    2. Include a jar to collect cash and check donations. We can also provide you with a QR Code for digital donations.

    Not everyone may be able to donate physical items. Offering an alternative way to donate is a great idea. If people donate via check, please have them make it out to Volunteers of America, Utah. They can also make donations at or by purchasing needed items from one of our Amazon wishlists.

  • Specialized_20Water_20Bottle_20Drop-25.jpg

    3. Partner with your company

    Ask the company you work for if they want to run a donation drive with you. Larger companies often look for ways for their employees to give back to the community. Ask if your company offers a matching donation program for financial donations. You might use monetary donations to purchase items to donate, whether at local stores or online, via one of our Amazon wishlists.

    Amazon Wishlists