Medical Clinic

Lack of adequate housing and lack of access to medical care often go hand-in-hand. Volunteers of America, Utah is working to change the lack of access to quality primary health care and behavioral health care.

In conjunction with the Utah State Primary Care program, VOA is providing primary health care and behavioral health care to all residents of Salt Lake County. We are striving to serve men, women and children who are uninsured and/or have low to no income and no access to medical care. These individuals are often homeless or are facing eviction or foreclosure. Their only resource for medical assistance is through emergency services.

Unfortunately for these individuals there are many barriers that stand in their way to receive quality health care services. One of the top challenges is the lack of adequate transportation or no access to transportation. For others financial barriers impede their seeking proper care. A medical clinic located within the Cornerstone Counseling Center enables us to remove some of these barriers.

This innovative project allows collaboration between primary health and mental health care professionals. When we locate these services together, we not meet the primary health care needs of these vulnerable individuals, but we can work together to treat the whole person – addressing primary health, mental health, and spiritual well-being.

View this PDF to learn more about our medical services or to schedule an appointment.

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