Homeless Youth Legal Clinic

Homeless Youth Legal Clinic

Volunteers of America, Utah's Homeless Youth Legal Clinic assists youth who are accessing services through the Youth Resource Center with legal issues they are experiencing. We provide free consultation, representation and education to youth clients in order to help them become independent through obtaining and maintaining employment and housing.

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    Current clients of the Youth Resource Center are eligible for services at the Homeless Youth Clinic.

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    How to Enroll

    Eligible clients can make an appointment to be seen between 4 - 5 pm Monday through Friday by emailing eric.hylc@gmail.com or by dropping by Monday through Friday between 5 - 6pm.

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    Hours of Operation

    The Homeless Youth Legal Clinic is open from 4 - 6 pm Monday through Friday. An attorney is available during these hours to assist youth.

Contact the Homeless Youth Legal Clinic
Phone: 385.355.4953