Homeless Outreach Team

Homeless Outreach Team

Volunteers of America, Utah's Homeless Outreach Team provides basic needs services and connects individuals experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County to housing, legal, and medical services. 

Materials provided include food, water, hygiene supplies, clothes, shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, hand warmers, sleeping bags, and other supplies based on availability.

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    Any individual or family experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County is eligible for services from the Homeless Outreach Team.

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    Get Assistance

    Call 801-631-7584 to contact the Outreach Team or 385-421-8455 to speak directly to the Program Director.

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    Hours of Operation

    The Homeless Outreach Team is available from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Contact the Homeless Outreach Team
Phone: 801-631-7584