Helping Utah's most vulnerable

Homeless Adult Services

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    Homeless Outreach Program

    They camp in our foothills. Take shelter in abandoned buildings or open fields. And hang out along city streets or riverbanks. Our Homeless Outreach Program (HOP) seeks out these homeless individuals and families to offer them assistance in the form of food, water, clothing and blankets. But we also strive to connect them with community resources that focus on housing placements and case management support. Our purpose is to meet the complex and multiple needs of the homeless population, with the goal of helping individuals move from homelessness into stable, affordable housing. If you are homeless and need assistance from our HOP Team, please call us at 801-631-7584

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    Street Engagement Team

    When you mention homelessness in Salt Lake City, people often think of the Rio Grande and Pioneer Park area. VOA is part of an outreach team funded by the Council of Governments to address the needs in and around this part of downtown Salt Lake City. We employ two of the four members of the Street Outreach Team who focus their efforts on this specific geographic location. Their main purpose is to gather information about the many individuals who gather in the area, assess their needs, and set up a system to move them into services and housing. We also provide basic need items, help them obtain ID, and assist with benefit and housing assessments.

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    Library Engagement Team

    VOA’s Library Engagement Team is a four-person team trained to help vulnerable individuals with homelessness, substance abuse and mental health issues. They provide appropriate support and referrals to patrons who need social, medical and mental health services. They also assist with immediate interventions when patrons need acute direct service such as transportation to a detoxification facility, immediate medical care, or dire mental health care services. This may also include crisis, or de-escalation, interventions as needed. LET does some evening hours by appointment only. This team is located on-site at the Salt Lake City Library, Monday through Friday from 8 - 5 p.m. If you are in need of services from the LET Team, please call 801-870-5489.

For general homeless outreach questions please contact our main office at:
Phone: 801-363-9414

Additional Services

  • Medical Outreach Services Team (MOST)

    Freezing temperatures. Unhealthy diets. Lack of medical care. Homeless individuals are susceptible to illness and disease related to exposure, as well as to a myriad of other physical and mental challenges. Yet they are often too fearful, unknowledgeable or too ill to go to a medical facility. Our Medical Outreach Services Team (MOST) brings medical assistance to clients living on the street to provide on-site interventions and help decrease the likelihood of a relatively small health issue becoming a major medical problem.

  • Chronic Homeless Substance Abuser Project (CHSA)

    The Chronic Homeless Substance Abuser Project serves homeless men where traditional service interventions have failed. Funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, it is an innovative Housing First approach that provides street outreach, detoxification services and transitional housing. All CHSA participants have been persistently homeless for a year or have had multiple episodes of homelessness over a 3-year period. Efforts are made to encourage individuals to move out of homelessness and seek substance abuse treatment by providing housing coupled with case management services. When individuals are in a stable environment free from homelessness, they are able to focus on their paths to self-sufficiency.

VOA supports six housing facilities and provides assessments, application support,

and case management to help clients obtain housing and succeed with it.