We find them. They find hope.

Homeless Services

These are our most vulnerable. Who live on our streets. Who camp in our foothills. Who have nowhere else to go.

So we go to them. We bring them food and clothing. Check on their safety. And gain their trust, so eventually, they come to us.

At first, it might just be to guide them to a shower, find a location to do laundry, or get some food at our Homeless Youth Resource Center. But once we build a relationship, we can do more than meet their basic needs. We can assist them with getting identification. Help them complete their education. Seek employment. Find housing. And get them the mental health and addiction counseling they need. The support we provide can open the door to self-sufficiency and happiness.

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    Homeless Youth Services

    Information about our Youth Resource Center and Youth Transition Homes

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    Homeless Adult Services

    Information about our Homeless Outreach Program and Library Engagement Team

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Are you a property owner looking to fill units? 

Do you want to be part of the solution to end homelessness? You can help by bringing currently unsheltered individuals and families in as tenants at your properties.

Potential support from VOA can include:

  • Ongoing case management for your tenant(s)
  • Guaranteed rent
  • Pre-vetted clients for programs

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