Helping Utah's most vulnerable


You may not see or be familiar with any homeless youth, but any donation you generously offer will make a difference in more lives than you know. You will help put a roof over their heads and provide support and direction in completing education, finding stable jobs, and safe shelter.


Through VOA's Street Outreach Program, we're able to gain the trust of these teens and offer much-needed services. At first, individuals may come to the center for a shower, or to do laundry, or get some food. But once trust is built, we're able to serve them in more meaningful ways, breaking down barriers that are keeping them from bettering their lives. We expect to serve 800 homeless teens this year through this facility. Offering emergency shelter beds and 24/7 assistance.

For more information, contact Cathleen Sparrow, Chief Development Officer.
Phone: 801-363-9414

These youth don't have the support, love, and resources associated with home, so we're looking to help youth work towards a better life.

Kathy Bray, President and CEO