Fundraise for VOA

Organizing a fundraising event of your own creates an opportunity to raise awareness about youth homelessness and other important issues in our area. Every donation we receive is significant, and no fundraising event is too small. Collectively, we are able to change the lives of thousands each year.

Please see below for examples of successful community sponsored events. If you are interested in hosting your own community sponsored fundraising event, please click here to let us know about it.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Wendy Tui at

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    Community Sponsored Events

    Community partners have hosted everything from golf tournaments to motorcycle rides to help raise not only contributions but awareness for Volunteers of America, Utah's mission to offer the hope, understanding, and support necessary to guide vulnerable individuals along their path to self-reliance. Organizing a fundraising event of your own creates an opportunity to change the lives of individuals in your community.

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    Online Fundraiser

    We hope you will share your passion for Volunteers of America, Utah, by creating a fundraising page and sharing it with your social network. Whether celebrating your birthday, honoring a love one, or supporting homeless youth awareness month, creating an online fundraiser is a great way to support Volunteers of America, Utah. Every dollar has a deep and lasting impact in supporting Utah's most vulnerable on their path to self-sufficiency.

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