Drop In-Center Group Schedule

Drop-In Center Group Schedule

Groups are for anyone that that receives services at the Homeless Youth Resource Center. We encourage youth to participate in groups which are lead by staff, volunteers or other organizations that have partnered with the youth center.

Groups run about 45 minutes to 1 hour at the Center. For further details on groups, please contact the Homeless Youth Resource Center at 801-364-0744.

Art Group – Learn new ways to use art and express your artistic inner self!

Get An I.D. – Come in to use computers and other resources to get an I.D. Staff are available to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Gordon’s Group – Talk it out! Topics can be whatever you want it to be. This is a safe environment to share what’s on your mind or issues you’re going through.

Journaling/Meditation Group – Spend time getting to know yourself through journaling and meditation! Follow the prompts given by Christine, or free-write – it’s up to you!

Benefits Group – Need help signing up for Food Stamps, Medicaid, or any other benefits? Ida is here to help!

Spanish Group – want to learn Spanish? Meg is starting lessons!


Brian’s Group – This group is lead by a marine and is helpful in discussing skills and other topics that you need help with.


Zine Group – Join this writing group that is ran by the Community Writing Center. They’ll teach you how to tap into your writing skills and help get your thoughts down on paper. 


Horizonte Group – Need help with your education? Get assistance with your GED, high school diploma or tutoring.


Current Affairs Group – have an opinion about what’s going on in the world? Want to learn more? Join Sanela and Cecilia as they discuss what’s going on in our community!


Music Group – Come and learn how to play the drums, guitar and/or the keyboard! Or if you’re more into singing, we’d love to hear your voice! This is run by the Bennion Center.


Haircuts and a Movie – Friday’s just got a whole lot better! Come by every Friday for a free haircut and catch a movie.


Homeless Court – Do you have warrants that need to be taken care of? This is an opportunity to work with an understanding judge who is willing to work with clients on getting these resolved.
When: Every other Friday 



Questions about groups contact the Center at 801-364-0744