Data Reports

Homeless Services
132,246 basic need items distributed
4,421 care coordination hours
54 youth clients newly housed
54 adult clients newly housed
384 homeless individuals served directly at Salt Lake County libraries
2,338 bed nights provided for young women and men in transitional housing

Behavioral Health Services
50,792 total counseling hours provided
86 unique Prime for Life clients served
3,364 child care hours provided
3,623 Prevention clients served
82% of domestic violence clients at or below federal poverty level

16 unique Chronically Homeless Substance Abuse clients served
13 women and 5 children served through the female transitional housing program at Detox
21,921 bed nights provided for all clients at Detox and the Center for Women and Children
85% of eligible Adult Detox clients receive Early Assessments
31 children served at Center for Women and Children

Other Data
244 clients in supportive housing
201 veterans served
26,334 residential bed nights provided
2,808 total homeless clients served
75,569 total meals provided
10,790 total volunteer hours
1,353 total agency volunteers

*Fiscal year 2013-2014

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