City Outreach Team

City Outreach Team

Volunteers of America, Utah's City Outreach Team works with Salt Lake City's unsheltered populations and the local community to help create a path to understanding and resources.

The City Outreach Team is a new partnership with Salt Lake City that provides services to unsheltered individuals experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake City Proper and around the Resource Centers to help create a path to shelter, housing resources, and other crucial services to those experiencing homelessness.

The City Outreach Team also works with the community to increase understanding of the unsheltered population in Salt Lake City and provide recommendations on more effective methods in providing services and housing for this population. The City Outreach Team will respond to community concerns about homelessness issues in Salt Lake City and work to expand the public's knowledge of how to participate most effectively to those experiencing homelessness. 

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    Those who are unsheltered in Salt Lake City Proper are eligible for services from the City Outreach Team

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    How to Enroll

    To enroll in services, contact the City Outreach Team at 385.266.0020

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    Hours of Operation

    The City Outreach Team is available Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

For inquiries please contact Shaunell Runsted, Outreach Services Supervisor
Phone: 801-503-4116