Child Care

One of the biggest barriers to recovery is childcare. We found that clients in our programs had difficulty finding or paying for childcare during treatment or therapy. 

To remove this obstacle, VOA operates a drop-in childcare center within Cornerstone Counseling Center. Clients can leave their children in safe hands while they receive counseling for mental health issues, substance abuse, and domestic violence. 
The childcare rooms are conveniently located in the VOA Cornerstone Counseling Center clinical area. Parents can drop off their children with our staff and then simply walk down the hall to their treatment appointment. Knowing that their children are well-cared for enables parents to concentrate on improving their lives, which in turn, improves the lives of their children. The Child Drop-In Center staff members strive to make each child feel welcome, safe, and secure while their parent is in therapy. 

The schedule is usually Monday 8:30-4PM, Tuesday 8:30-4PM, and Wednesday 8:30-1PM.