Cornerstone Has Moved to Recovery on Redwood

We are pleased to announce that VOA Utah’s Cornerstone Counseling Center has relocated to our newly renovated and expanded facility, Recovery on Redwood. We will serve more people and improve the overall experience of care for all our clients in our new home.

Address: 1875 South Redwood Road [Google Maps]
Opening Day:
Tuesday, August 8


    What is the new address?
    1875 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.

    When will the relocation take place?
    All appointments after August 7 will occur at the new building.

    Why is Cornerstone relocating?
    VOA Utah is committed to expanding our services as Utah’s needs continue to grow. Our new facility, Recovery on Redwood, will include more space for more therapists. The new building also houses VOA Utah’s Men’s Detox, offering clients better access to wrap-around services. 

    Are there any changes in the services provided?
    We will continue to offer the same great services for individuals of all ages, families, and couples. We'll continue to operate our open access system to allow better access to treatment. Our new location includes a new child and family waiting room, set apart from our regular waiting room for families with kids. We also added more child therapy rooms to increase the amount of child services we can offer, and more group therapy rooms to expand those services as well.

    Are there any changes in pricing or payment methods?

    Is the new location easily accessible by public transportation?
    Yes. Recovery on Redwood is located on UTA bus routes 217 and 509.

    Is there any additional information?

    If you have additional questions, please email us at Sign up for our newsletter for more updates about VOA Utah at




    Bus Route #217
    Stop: Redwood Rd / 1800 S
    Frequency: Every 15 mins
    Distance to building: Two-minute walk (SB requires crossing street)

    Bus Route #509

    Stop: Redwood Rd / 1800 S
    Frequency: Every 30 to 60 mins
    Distance to building: Two-minute walk (SB requires crossing street)

    TRAX Green Line
    Stop: River Trail Station
    Frequency: Every 15 mins
    Distance to building: 30-minute walk

    For more information about public transit, please visit