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Bequests are gifts that are made as part of a will or trust. A bequest can be to a person, or it can be a charitable bequest to a nonprofit organization, like Volunteers of America, Utah. Anyone can make a bequest—in any amount—to an individual or charity. Bequests can be simple—“I give $1,000 to my grandson”—or complex, with conditions about how the gifts can be used.

Charitable bequests are flexible and easy to update. You can write one into a will with a short paragraph, and if circumstances change you can revoke it just as easily in a subsequent will or codicil. Estate planning professionals often counsel their clients to have an annual or bi-annual estate plan “check-up” to ensure that the most recent version of the client’s will reflects their wishes.

To leave your legacy with Volunteers of America, Utah in the form a a bequest, speak with your estate-planning attorney.

Here's a tip!

Before meeting with your attorney, identify your goals. Do you want to provide for certain family members and leave a charitable legacy? Be remembered a specific way in your community? Then, itemize your assets. Make a list of everything you own. Think about what type of property ownership applies. (Community property, joint tenants, trust property, etc.) By taking these steps you will save time and money!

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