Youth Mentoring

Amplifying Youth Connections Through Mentoring

Volunteers of America, Utah's Amplified Mentoring Program supports positive youth outcomes by building trusting relationships between youth and healthy adults and teaching life skills that foster growth and self-sufficiency.

“My favorite thing about my mentor is that she tells me not to give up. When she says that I really believe in myself.”

Current Mentee

Reliable, caring relationships with adults provide youth with the additonal support they need to grow and develop into successful members of our community. When youth know that someone cares about them and they are recognized for their positive contributions, they are more likely to develop their skills, make healthy choices, and achieve self-sufficiency.

The Amplified Mentoring (AMP) provides one-to-one and group mentoring opportunities for youth in Salt Lake County.

AMP connects young people one-to-one with a trained volunteer mentor. Youth meets with their one-to-one mentor 6 to 8 hours a month for 9 months with ongoing support from AMP professional staff. This is a community-based mentorship and mentoring activities can include: talking, hiking, going to a movie, learning a new skill, and working on personal goals.

Group mentoring programs are provided in partnership with local schools and community centers. Youth participate in 10 to 12 workshops with an AMP professional mentor to learn skills for managing difficult feelings, creating healthy friendships and refusing negative peer pressure.

"All some kids need is an adult they can count on, someone they can trust. To listen without judging. To set aside time just for them. To just show up. It's that simple. And as you continue to be there, you'll find that while you're trying to teach them about their potential and change their life, they'll teach you something about yourself and change yours."

Current Mentor
For inquiries please contact Keeley Bierwolf, Program Coordinator
Phone: 801-364-0744 EXT 723