Helping Utah's most vulnerable

VOA Detox Program

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    What We Do

    Detox is the first step on the path to sobriety—but it’s often inaccessible to the homeless or those without healthcare coverage. VOA offers a Social Model Detoxification program, a non-medical and cost effective solution that makes detox possible for this population. Addiction is a chronic disease, and is therefore treated through stabilization and management. Our services are provided in a safe environment with proper nutrition, monitoring of vital signs, personal interaction and case management. The majority of individuals who need detoxification can successfully detox through this type of program at a fraction of the cost of medical programs.

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    Women's Program

    How do you enter a detox program when you’re homeless and have a young child who depends on you for everything? Without VOA’s help, it would be impossible. Our programs for women provide the support they need to complete the detoxification process, take care of their children, and move towards self-sufficiency. The goal is to reintegrate these women back into mainstream life with incremental steps towards job resources, employment, and housing opportunities.

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    Jail Diversion Program

    Volunteers of America, Utah has partnered with the Salt Lake City Police, West Valley City Police, UTA Police and the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department to offer individuals who have been picked up for public intoxication an alternative to jail and a safe environment focused on recovery. Officers can call 801-363-9400 ext. 0 for bed availability, van pick-up hours and availability. To meet the criteria for Jail Diversion Program, clients must be intoxicated, non-combative, medically stable and willing to come to the detox center.

How to enter the Adult Detoxification Center

Our Adult Detoxification Center is a 65-bed, residential program where homeless and low-income men and women can safely detoxify from alcohol and/or drugs for up to 14 days.  Adult residents of Salt Lake Country can check themselves in if they have taken drugs in the past 72 hours.  Residents outside of Salt Lake County can also receive treatment by paying $115 per night.  

Once individuals have completed physical detoxification, they are assessed and referred for additional substance abuse services. While in the program, clients attend 12-step recovery groups and participate in case management services in order to increase readiness for substance abuse treatment and a life in recovery.  

Simply call 801-363-9400 to check on bed availability. 


VOA Detox Program
252 West Brooklyn Avenue (1025 South)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
P: 801-363-9400
F: 801-363-7634
Open: 24 hours/ 7 days a week

Donations can be dropped off directly at the center at any time.

VOA's Detox Program receives funding from Salt Lake County to help vulnerable individuals in Utah