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Homeless Teen Services

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    Street Outreach Program

    Our homeless youth are often invisible. And many are afraid to come out of the shadows and ask for help. So our experienced outreach team searches them out. We drive the streets, walk and hike in the foothills, ride bicycles and take public transit in Salt Lake County seeking out teens who have nowhere to call home. We provide food, clothing, and information on community services available to them through Volunteers of America's Homeless Youth Resource Center. And we encourage them to come into our Homeless Youth Resource Center

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    Drop-In Center

    Days are long when you have no place to call home or a safe place to hang out. Our Drop-in Center, located within our Homeless Youth Resource Center, provides a safe place for homeless teens to come in off the streets and get basic need items. This includes food, toiletries, a shower and laundry facilities. Lunch is served daily and dinner is provided on Friday. We seek to provide a safe and trusting environment for these teens so they gain the confidence to begin the process of moving out of homelessness and onto the path of self-sufficiency.

    Group Schedule
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    VOA Case Management

    Teens who live on the street lack the guidance and support so many of us take for granted. That’s why VOA has a dedicated and trained team of case managers who provide consistent, personalized, and comprehensive case management services to our youth clients. They assess each client’s needs, provide crisis intervention if needed, coordinate the necessary care, and develop an individualized plan to provide support. Our end goal is to help our teen clients achieve their individual goals—whether that means finishing their education, receiving work training, finding work, or securing affordable housing. Often, it’s all of the above.

Contact Us

Homeless Youth Resource Center 
(Drop In-Center)
655 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
P: 801-364-0744
F: 801-364-0745

Hours:  Mon-Fri 9:15a.m.-1p.m. (drop in-center)
              Mon-Fri 9-5p.m (appointment only or drop donations)

Breakfast served:
Mon-Fri 9:15-9:45a.m.

Lunch served:
Mon-Fri 1-1:30p.m.

Dinner served:
Friday only 4-4:30p.m.

Street Outreach Program
P: 801-694-9271
Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri
Hours: 2-4:30p.m.