Homeless Youth Resource Center

The Homeless Youth Resource Center is the only facility in the state of Utah that serves homeless youth ages 15-22. The Center seeks to engage homeless youth, develop trust through the provision of basic needs, and help them begin the process of moving off the streets and into self-sufficiency

The Homeless Youth Resource Center delivers a continuum of services to homeless street youth through three components.

Drop-In Center
Street Outreach Program   
Transition Homes (young men & women)

Last fiscal year (2012-2013) we served 944 individuals across the three programs. 

Drop-In Center
At the Drop-In Center, homeless street youth can receive basic need items. Young women and men can take care of many of life’s daily activities like doing laundry and taking showers. Meals are served twice daily. Youth can attend classes, receive referrals for human services and participate in ongoing case management. The Center seeks to provide a safe trusting environment for homeless youth and help them begin the process of moving out of homelessness and onto the path of self-sufficiency.  To assist youth with transitioning to independence even more the Drop-In Center is now offering housing case management services.

Street Outreach
This unique approach to serving homeless youth provides basic needs and resources for the future.  Our Street Outreach workers drive the streets, walk, bicycle and take public transit in Salt Lake County seeking out young people living on the streets.  They provide food, clothing, information on community services and encourage kids to come to Volunteers of America's day time Drop-In Center. 

Young Women's Transition Home
The transition home is an 18-month, all female program designed to provide support, guidance and structure to homeless youth. Through case management, goal setting and skill building groups and classes, this residential program seeks to help young women ages 16-19 transition from instability and homelessness to reunification with family and/or self-sufficiency.

Young Men's Transition Home
The 14-bedroom transition home houses young men ages 18-23 that have been referred by a homeless-care-provider organization. This residential program works closely with young men to help them become self-sufficient by providing a safe, stable and consistent environment. Through case management, goal setting and skill building groups and classes, clients are more likely to succeed and transition away from homelessness. 

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