Adult Detox Center

Opened in 1986, the Adult Detoxification Center is a 65 bed, residential program where homeless and low-income men and women can safely detoxify from alcohol and/or drugs.  This program is the primary provider for detoxification services in Salt Lake County. Once individuals have completed physical detoxification, clients are assessed and referred for additional substance abuse services. While in the program clients attend 12-step recovery groups and participate in case management services in order to increase readiness for substance abuse treatment and a life in recovery.

Each year this program serves nearly 1,600 individuals, 60% of this population are homeless and 94% are at or below federal poverty level.

Jail Diversion Program
Volunteers of America, Utah reserves 10 beds for intoxicated individuals picked up by Salt Lake City Police, West Valley City Police, UTA Police and the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department.  This pilot project offers participants an alternative to jail and an environment focussed on recovery.
Officers can call 801-363-9400 ext. 0 for bed availability and van pick-up hours and availabiltiy.

Criteria for Jail Diversion clients: Must be intoxicated, non-combative/violent, medically stable and willing to come to the detox center.

Chronic Homeless Substance Abuser Project (CHSA)

The Chronic Homeless Substance Abuser Project, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is an innovative Housing First approach that provides street outreach, detoxification services and transitional housing. This project serves homeless men where traditional service interventions have failed. All participants have been persistently homeless for a year or have had multiple episodes of homelessness over a 3-year period. Efforts are made to encourage individuals to move out of homelessness and seek substance abuse treatment by providing housing coupled with case management services. When individuals are in a stable environment free from homelessness, they are able to focus on their paths to self-sufficiency. In 2012-2013, clients in the CHSA program had an average increase in overall income of $711.62.

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