Red Rock Readers Program

Since 2002, through a national partnership with Scholastic Books Inc., Volunteers of America, Utah has provided more than 125,000 new Scholastic books to low-income or disadvantaged children 4-18 years of age.  In fiscal year 2009-2010 more than 10,200 books were handed out in the State of Utah.

Volunteers of America, Utah coordinates the receipt and distribution of these books by providing them to more than 150 nonprofit and civic groups across the state working to promote literacy. Volunteers of America, Utah’s Red Rock Readers program goals support literacy by:

• Getting books into the hands of children and families in need, and
• Providing books for quality literacy programs and for programs that support motivational reading activities.

Books are shipped to the warehouse facility which is fully equipped with forklifts and storage space to accommodate the large book shipments. Once books are received, Volunteers of America, Utah solicits volunteer groups to unpack, transport, label and stock shelves with books at the Red Rock Reader program office. Throughout the year, nonprofit organizations and civic groups are invited to request books. Applications require groups to identify how books will be used, how many children will be served and additional information that ensures a good fit with the Red Rock Readers program. Guidelines have been established to ensure books are placed where they are needed most in the homes of disadvantaged children. 

Click here to download the program guidelines and application.