Our Services

At Volunteers of America, Utah we strive every day to reach out to those in greatest need in our community.  Helping to provide the tools people need to make profound changes in their lives.  Our staff of more than 140 members help touch the lives of more than 10,000 people in Utah.  Our motto is "This is why we do what we do." We believe that the ripples of change start the minute we reach out to someone or they ask for help.  Providing a safe, non-judgmental environment to help promote positive change in individual lives is always our goal.

Programs and Services

Homeless Services 
Homeless Outreach Program
 Housing Assistance
 Medical Outreach
 Library Engagement 
 Pathways Case Management
 Permanent Supportive Housing Case Management

Homeless Youth Resource Center
 Drop-In Center 
 Street Outreach
 Young Women's Transition Home
 Young Men's Transition Home
Detoxification Services
Adult Detoxification Services
 Jail Diversion Program
 Chronic Homeless Substance Abuser Project

Cornerstone Counseling Center
Drug Prevention Program
School and Community Center Programs
Prime for Life
Substance Abuse Counseling
Day Treatment
Adult Treatment Services
Youth Treatment Services
Domestic Violence Counseling
Child Care Center