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Improvements in, around Pioneer Park a work in progress, Salt Lake mayor says, Deseret News, August 2014

SLC officials work with businesses to build home for homeless, Fox 13, August 2014

Library lifeguards: Volunteers of America buoy downtrodden, The Salt Lake Tribune, July 2014

Police pledge crackdown on downtown crime, The Salt Lake Tribune, May 2014

9 Pillars Project raises awareness about homeless youth through public art, Deseret News, May 2014

9 Pillars Project aims to help homeless youth, KSL News, May 2014

Doorway to hope: A transition home for homeless young men, The Salt Lake Tribune, May 2014

Homes for the Homeless: Utah's efforts to get more people off the streets, 4 Utah, May 2014

New home gives hope to homeless young men, Fox 13 News, April 2014

New facility helps homeless young men transition to self-sufficiency, Deseret News, April 2014

Salt Lake Library reaching out to the homeless, 4 Utah, April 2014

Counting the invisible homeless on the streets of Salt Lake County, The Salt Lake Tribune, January 2014

Annual count of Utah's homeless underway, Deseret News, January 2014

Cold snap a real threat to the homeless, The Salt Lake Tribune, December 2013

Volunteers of America brave the cold to lend a helping hand, 4 Utah, December 2013

Utah students work with Volunteers of America to help homeless youth, Fox 13 News, December 2013

Cold Snap Threatens Homeless Youth in Utah, KSL News, December 2013

Volunteers prepare Salt Lake City's Candy Cane Corner store, The Salt Lake Tribune, December 2013

Benefit concert aims to help the homeless in Salt Lake City, Fox 13 News, November 2013

KSL Give Back: Ways to give and receive Christmas help, KSL News, November 2013

Candy Cane Corner 'store' helps families in need for the holidays, Fox 13 News, November 2013

Battling human trafficking in Utah, 4 Utah, November 2013

Runaway chooses transient lifestyle; VOA tells of risks, dangers, KSL News, November 2013

Transition Home offers support for homeless youth, KSL News, November 2013

Groups fills backpacks to help homeless youth, Fox 13 News, November 2013

Outreach Helps Homeless Beat the Heat, Deseret News, July 2013

New Public Education Campaign Touts 'Smarter Way' to Help End Homelessness, Salt Lake City Department, June 2013

Mayors of Salt Lake County Ready to Fund Help for the Homeless, Deseret News, May 2013

Adult Detoxification Center Expands Due to Pressing Need, The Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 2013

Homeless Teens Struggling to Find Warmth in Winter, Fox 13 News, Jan. 2013

Homeless Youth in Need of Warm Clothing, Food During Holiday Season, The Salt Lake Tribune, Nov. 2012

Blind 'Wonder Dog' Helping Recovering Addicts See Clearly,, March 2012

Press Kit - Transition Home for Young Men

Home for Pregnant Teens Closes..., Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 2010

More Teenage Runaways, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, by Seth Doane, Dec. 2009

Addictions Drive Them Back, Salt Lake Tribune, Dec. 2009

The Thumb, Salt Lake Tribune, Dec. 2009

Number of Homeless Deaths Continues to Rise, Salt Lake Tribune, Dec. 2009

Cold Temps Hurt Homeless People, KSL 5, Dec. 2009

Begging Limits, Salt Lake Tribune, Oct. 2009

National Volunteers of America President, Chuck Gould, August 2009 

Drive-By Food Drive, Fox 13, Septmeber 2009

Homeless Youth Food Drive, KUTV 2, September 2009

Homeless Outreach - Fox 13, July 2009

Thinking Outside the Cellblock, Salt Lake Tribune, June 2009


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