Transition Home Fire


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On Sunday morning, 9/16/2012, a fire occurred at one of Volunteers of America, Utah’s facilities. The fire started at around 7:30 am at the site of our soon-to-be opened Young Men’s Transition Home. Salt Lake City firefighters arrived on the scene within minutes and did an excellent job extinguishing the fire. The home was vacant at the time in preparation for remodel to start later this month/early October. We are very thankful that no one was in the building and no one was hurt.

We were informed by the inspector that the fire was an accidental electrical fire that started in the attic. There is significant damage to the roof and top floor as well as water damage throughout the building.

We are in communication with our insurance company to assess the damage and initiate the clean-up.

Our intention is to continue with the renovation and opening of the home, however, the fire and water damage will likely change our timeline and scope of the project.

We would like to thank the Salt Lake City Fire Department for their efforts.

For additional information please contact Michelle Templin, Director of Community Engagement (801) 828-5647 or Zach Bale, VP of External Relations, (801) 580-7469.

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