About Us

Volunteers of America is a human services nonprofit organization with more than 140 paid  staff who serve more than 10,000 people across the state each year through a dozen programs addressing homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, and volunteer opportunities.

There are currently 36 Volunteers of America affiliates, including Utah, with a presence in 44 states.  Founded in 1896 by social reformers Ballington and Maud Booth, Volunteers of America has a long tradition of helping those who need help the most. The Booths pledged to “go wherever we are needed and do whatever comes to hand.”  This philosophy of service to anyone in need has been the guiding force of Volunteers of America for 117 years.  Now in our second century of service, Volunteers of America nationally is one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive human services organizations, touching the lives of over 2 million people each year in communities across the United States.

2012-2013 Annual Report






Vision Statement
To go where we are needed most and do what most needs doing; to seek out the needy and minister to their needs; to help those who cannot yet help themselves; to embrace and include the excluded and outcast; and to do these things with faith in God and humankind.

Mission Statement
Volunteers of America, Utah is a ministry of service organized to reach and uplift those in greatest need and to provide opportunities to experience the joy of serving others.